Coming Soon! Gravity Age: Autonomous Artificial Intelligence

Its been a while since our last post, but we haven’t went away! Coming out this February, Gravity Age: Autonomous Artificial Intelligence. This accessory for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game includes rules for playing an AAI characters (biodroids, bioreplicas, and mechanoids). Players will be able to play as straight up robots and Game Masters will be able to challenge them with crazy AAIs straight out of science fiction horror.  We have tapped into Asimov’s Laws of Robotics and five other potential laws.  Each AAI is powered by a positronic, gravitonic, or singularity core processor.

But wait there’s more! We took it a step further and created the free AAI. This AAI doesn’t have a true corporeal or incorporeal form they exist purely on the holonet, Cortex, or private network of your choice. They have the ability to interact in the virtual world with hackers, manifest holographic images, or control a robotic host and they can do it all at once with personality sparks. Free AAI make an excellent interactive starship AI or a crazy defense network hellbent on destroying biologicals!

If you thought the androids were made a little too humanoid but want to play a robot, this accessory is for you!