Gravity Age: Cybernetics Emporium – Errata and Rule Enhancements

There were a number of type-o’s and word omissions which have been corrected in Cybernetics.  As the Starfinder Roleplaying Game evolves we found it necessary to modify some items for better game balance.   Most changes are minor, and some augmentations received additional models.  A small amount of additional art was added.  For those of you wanting to print a nice copy permission has been granted on page 1 to print or photocopy for personal use.

Augmentation Updates

  • Centipede plexus – Defined the advanced mystic cure effect as 3rd level and set the recharge requirement to a full night’s rest.
  • HUD – Now integrates with 3, 5, and 8 systems. Further defined SVS vision.
  • Injector Unit – Injector Unit was split into standard, advanced, and superior models.  The standard unit is now used as a move action, advanced as a swift action, and superior as a reaction to HP damage or a failed Saving Throw.
  • Integrated Armor – Now allows the armor to be replaced or upgraded.
  • Overclock Matrix – speed boost has been limited to an extra move action.
  • Retractable Syringe – limited to three doses of toxin.
  • Stealth Foot – increased enhancement bonus from +1 to +2 for standard version and increased the advanced enhancement bonus to +5, also corrected advanced bonus type to enhancement from equipment bonus.
  • Trauma Controller – Usage of the advanced model has been improved to a reaction.
  • Voice Stress Analyzer – the enhancement bonuses have been improved and the Superior model can now spend a Resolve Point to roll twice on Sense Motive checks.

Avatar Updates

  • Avartars gain a +4 Disguise check when impersonating robots or technical constructs.
  • A.E. Avatar – Mk 1 gains a 1st level augmentation


  • Cyberevolution – all versions clarified required character level.

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