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Coming Soon! the Gravity Age: Mutant Menagerie

Imagine living on a mining colony without proper radiation shielding, mega-corporations experimenting on sentient beings, or a post apocalyptic setting.  Many science fiction universes are anchored on the existence of mutants.  The Gravity Age: Mutant Menagerie will provide players and GMs with 1000’s of mutant options.  It will also introduce a mutant building mechanic that […]

Introducing Clyde – Sneak Peak at “Uplift” from the Gravity Age: Bioware Emporium

Gravity Age: Bioware Emporium excerpt; Many ancient space-faring cultures and a few modern one’s practice uplift. Some theoretical scientists suggest that all sentient races once went through an uplift process. “Uplift” is an acquired template that can be added to any animal, plant, or vermin with an Intelligence score of 2 or a -4 Intelligence […]

Nano-Zombies in Space!

By now many of you that downloaded the Gravity Age: Creature Update: 00 have either used nano-zombies against an unknowing party of characters, or fallen victim to them.  Here’s where I poke a little fun at the fatalities and defend the CR ½ difficulty. During our playtest, the heroes bravely entered one of Starmetal Labs […]

Why do I want nanotech in my Starfinder campaign?

Nanotech in the modern era, is an emerging field of science where scientists are trying to understand and control matter at the nanoscale. To put it in perspective there are 25,400,000 nanometers in an inch and a sheet of paper is approximately 100,000 nanometers thick. Nanotechnology is already here and it’s not just a concept […]

Gravity Age! Let the games begin.

It’s been a long road. For five years I have been working on a PFSRD and d20 Modern hybrid game. Something with the spirit Star Frontiers and Firefly but a more robust game system that would translate easily to the masses. In 2016, two months before the release of Gravity Age (under a different working […]